What You Can Expect Working With Me

Discuss Your Relocation plan
Regardless of what stage of the process you are in, a consultation could be beneficial. Another set of eyes will create a much more seamless transition I will discuss your current stage with you and assess what the next step in your process should be. I will work with you throughout the process as much or as little as you require.
Create Your Roadmap
Having a Roadmap is an easy way to make your journey more predictable and less chaotic. I will create a roadmap with you based on where in the process you are currently. This roadmap will be your guide to complete your Returning Resident Process.
Assist in Your Application Process
If your application has not been completed, I will provide you with guidance on how to complete the application process and provide assistance where needed.
Assist in the coordination of Your Shipment
If you are located in the US, I will assist you with finding US Shippers, Brokers and other resources you may need.

For all countries, I will assist you with finding a Jamaica based Broker and transporter to get your items cleared from the Port and to your new home.

Let’s Get Started