Shipment Services

You have secured your approval from the Returning Residents Unit or you are ready to move into your dream home/rental property in Jamaica; All that is left to do is pack a shipping container with all of your items for your new home and send them on to Jamaica. You now need someone that can help you get that container on its way to Jamaica and assist you in clearing it as soon as possible. These services are for YOU!
What to expect:
Liaise with Shipping Company to make arrangements for Shipment
Arrangement with Brokerage Services
– Shipment Documents
– Template List for Shipment
What to expect:
Conduct all the transactions at the various offices to ensure financials are handled for container
Liaise with Brokerage Services to arrange clearance and delivery of shipment
Ensure container is returned and deposit released
Other shipping related tasks
What to expect:
All of the services metioned in the Overseas and Jamaica Shipment above
Other shipping related tasks
*Cost will vary based the specifics of each shipment

Services can be tailored to your specific needs.

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